CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)

CRB Checks - Standard & Enhanced Disclosures

Reliable Personnel is registered body and an Umbrella Body, with Criminal Records Bureau

As a registered umbrella body our role is to...

  • Check and validate the information provided by the applicant on the application form
  • Establish the true identity of the applicant, through the examination of a range of documents using guidance provided by the CRB
  • Ensure the application form is fully completed and the information it contains is accurate
  • Countersign applications to confirm that the organisation has an entitlement to access criminal record information
  • To comply with the CRB's Code of Practice

NOTE: If you are self-employed you will be required to attend our offices in Morden for ID verification.

Important Information regarding CRB Disclosure forms

Around 20% of all application forms are not completed correctly. These mistakes slow down the application process, delaying your Disclosure. Forms returned for correction will be charged an additional £5.00. We do not want to have to send them back for correction. This will cost you time and money.

Further Assistance with your CRB Checks

If you require assistance filling in the forms do not hesitate to contact our CRB department we will be happy to assist you. Call our dedicated CRB Check hotline on 0208 540 8660 or email